Error when opening forms

Hi all,

We’ve been using KBTB to collect data across multiple sites. Recently, several sites have been receiving the following error message when opening any of the forms we have deployed (we have 9 different forms).

We’ve validated the XLS forms and it was all okay.

Through our troubleshooting, this message seems to occur only when sites are using university wireless connection, not ethernet. This does not happen on personal, home wifi connection. In additional, it only occurs when the form calculates today’s date… today(), but not start and end time metadata.

Here is a Google drive with examples of two files, one where today() is calculated and on where it is not: KBTB FORMS

Thank you for any and all help!

@melodyxu, FYI I didn’t have issues loading the form you shared in my account.

Could you try changing your browser to see if that helps? Try using modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge. BTW, I tested it through Edge.

Hi! This is the one that isn’t having issues. Is the other form working (demographic questionnaire)? Like we mentioned, it isn’t showing up with the error unless the user is trying to open the form using university wireless connection. I can open the forms as well on my end when I’m using the browsers you mention without any issue. However, many of the sites that are doing data collection are unable to open it while connected to their university wifi using the modern browsers (we’ve tested Chrome, Safari, and Firefox).

@melodyxu, you may need to contact your university internet service provider or your university IT focal person to see if they have a Firewall that filters incoming and outgoing network traffic based on an organization’s security policies.