Error when viewing the forms in the eye option

Good Morning,

When trying to visualize the records of the table, it remains blank and generates the error attached to the images.

That error only happens to visualize to edit load without problems.

I remain pending.

Hi @cispmed,

Could you also let the community know the question type that you were trying to view which you could not view. This should help us pinpoint the issue you are facing. Could you also share with us the screenshot from the DATA>Table that you have an issue with.

Are you trying to refer to this issue posted previously:

Good Morning,

It is a different error, the system loads me the results but to view the record, the error that I send them appears


OK! Could you share with us the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server
  • _id

Maybe we could have a closer look at your issue.

Is this an issue with only the _id you have listed out or is it an issue with other _id as well?

That is just an example, the error has occurred with many records

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Hi @cispmed,

This seems to be a weird issue. Would you mind providing other _id that has issue as i could observer that some they open (can be previewed) without any issue while there are some that has issue. You may help us by providing us roughly 5-6 _id so that we could examine more cases and conclude if it’s a system issue or an issue related with something else.

@cispmed, this is a bug and we have a GitHub issue for the same. You could follow the same here:

Will however let you know once it is fixed at our end.

@cispmed, the recent release of the announcement should fix your issue. For details please see the announce post:

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