Error while sending finalized form

Hi Everyone. I am Abhinay from Nepal. I have been getting this error “Error: Generic Exception: Error: (404)” when submitting form from 3 android devices while the same form is well submitted from the other 2 android devices. Please could anyone help me trouble shoot this problem!

Welcome to the community, @abhinay_shrestha! Could you ensure that the Collect android app's URL configuration is OK? You could check out the configuration referring to the following support article (if needed):

Yes I have put in the correct URL along with the correct username and password. Hence we were able to download the form. The same filled form was submitted correctly through two android devices while the other three android devices show this error.

Could you now check the date and time of the device that has this issue? Sometimes, you should see these error messages when the date and time are distorted. Please let us know if this solves your issue.

The dates and times of the devices having the issue, have the correct time set. But still the forms cannot be sent.

OK, could you now share a screenshot of the SETTINGS>SERVER from your Collect android app?

here is the screenshot of the SETTINGS>SERVER.

OK great! Could you also share with the community the submissions that are stuck in this app from Send Finalized Form?

Dear Kal,

There is no way we can access the finalized form as they are not being sent to the server. How do you recommend accessing those finalized forms without sending them to server. In that case, we can share the corrupt files with the community.


@abhinay_shrestha, I mean could you share a screenshot from the app (from within the Send Finalized Form folder) that does not sync with the server? That should give us a pictorial view of the submissions that have not been synced with the server and are still left in the app (in your device).

@Kal_Lam Here is the screenshot of the unsent files.

I see. This could be due to the following:

You have a survey form on the server and you download the same as a blank form in your Collect app. You collect your data in the app. At the same time, you delete (accidentally or on purpose) your survey form from the server. The blank form and the collections that are in your Collect app do not get synced to the server.

So the first check you will need to make is to see if the survey form exists on the server? Please note that it should be the same form that was pulled to the Collect android app. It cannot be a different form like say, you first uploaded a pilot form to test the questionnaire. Then collected the submissions for the form. At the same time, you deleted the project due to some reasons from the server and you upload the same XLSForm. This too should not work. The submissions to be synced with the server require the same survey form that was uploaded at the beginning.

Maybe you could test what I just outlined with a dummy project to get a better understanding.

today i have faced a similar problem like abhinay_shrestha said how can i solve that error and recover my data . i am the one who have created the project and still this projesct exist in my project list .

Welcome to the community, @suman_thapa1! Could you also share a screenshot of the error message you are seeing? The screenshot should help us troubleshoot your issue.