Error with skip logic in repeat-group

Hi there.

I’m having some glitches with the skip logic of a nested repeat-group. The group should only appear when some conditions are met, depending on person’s age and if they have or not sources of income. I’ve managed to recreate the error in a separate form and the expected behavior in the .xls and .pdf attached.

20240510 1946 V4.pdf (50.2 KB)
V4.xlsx (10.8 KB)

Could someone please give hand here?


Hi @sergiousme

Do you still need help? I checked your form and pdf and it looks like it is working as intended

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Hi @osmanburcu.

Yes. I’m still having the same error:


Can you please check this version, if it is working as you want
V4 (1).xlsx (10.8 KB)

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@osmanburcu, :bowing_man:

Hi @osmanburcu. Thank you for replying.

For some reason this is not working in a more complex form. We upgraded our license so we could access to Direct User Support, however, I can’t find how to reach such service. Any suggestions?