Error with span tag

Hi there,

I deal with a bug on my form design.
When I try to stylize my text with span tags it displays syntax instead of display stylized text. Work, after several re-update of my XLSForm without changing anything on it.

## Steps to Reproduce
1 – Stylized text with span tag such as : __ [text]
2 – Upload XLSform on Kobo
3 – Open it in Enketo

## Expected behavior
I except to have my text stylized in the way I choose: in color or in bold by example.

Actual behavior

My text appears with the syntax without being stylized.

## Additional details
I had this issue with different XLSForm. The only way I manage to fix it was to re-upload the file several times without changing anything on my XLSForm. Sp, the issue doesn’t come from the XLSForm.
In a same XLSForm, if I have several part of my text concern by an identic command, I will not have the issue with every part but just with a few of them.

I am using EXCEL 2013, KOBO Humanitarian response & ODK Collect v1.22.4.

Please take a look at it :slight_smile:
Thank you !

Do you mind sending a sample of the XLS form that was problematic and a screenshot of the errors you are seeing so that we try it out from our end.


Please fine a screenshot with my syntax which appears and the XLSform.

Thank you!


bugspantag.xlsx (111.1 KB)