Ethics to using Kobo

Please I am a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Guelph, Canada, doing fieldwork in rural Ghana. I plan to use your tool to collect data for my research, but my research board requires further information.

The ethics board requires the vendor to complete either The [Security Risk Questionnaire] or a [Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Tool] ( (HECVAT Lite or HECVAT Full are acceptable) forms. The security questionnaire is attached here while the Vendor assessment can be found at this link

I will appreciate any support in this matter.

Thank you


Welcome to the community, @ALOLLO! Have you gone through the post discussed previously? These are the GDPR documents that should help you carry on with your research work:

Following the normal process of vendor acquisition and registration, your current request does not necessarily meet a vendor relationship between KoBoToolbox and you or your university.

As it is, you are not paying for the services on KoBoToolbox, and this is an opt-in data collection platform. If you were paying for particular services or wish to pay for the same, kindly reach out to us, and either of my colleagues can help understand what payment options would best suit you (and hence the vendor assessment form would be applicable).


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