EU Kobo Toolbox server log in details on KoboCollect

Hie Everyone,

I have prepared my form offline and has uploaded on my Kobo Toolbox server account quite well but when I try to log in on KoboCollect on my smart phone using my log in details I created it is failing to connect (giving me prompt that there are problems with the log in details), yet I have been using the same details for the past for 3 years without changing them. I last used in January this year. I am using the EU server Would you help understand if there have been further changes since the migration from OCHA?

My appreciation in advance

Welcome back to the community, @ctmukhala! Could you kindly share with us a screenshot of your issue so that we could understand it pictorially?

Thanks Kal_I_am, I managed to search on the community forum and found that the EU server has been changed to and after I typed in this in the url, it worked successfully

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@ctmukhala, :bowing_man: