Evaluate sentence

I woul like to know whats wrong with this sencentece:
if((${group_uo5uy26_fila_probabilidad_1} * ${group_uo5uy26_fila_impacto_1})<9),‘Bajo’,if((${group_uo5uy26_fila_probabilidad_1}) * (${group_uo5uy26_fila_impacto_1})<16),‘Medio’,‘Alto’)))

Welcome @deanjj,
Brackets are not correctly balanced and positioned, e.g. 5 times (, but 6 times ).

To better control this you might use format with newlines and indent for a long/complex if-structure during development.

Did you test the form with the Online validator https://getodk.org/xlsform/? This is always recommended during form development.

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