Excel Analyzer issue

Hello Kal,
Excel Analyzer isn’t showing any of my questions although I’ve followed the video tutorial you referred to and tried everything in the forums. could you take a look on the file if I send it here?

Welcome back to the community, @nartabaza! Why would you still wish to use the Excel Analyzer? The Excel Analyzer was a tool for data visualization used when we did not have a strong custom report. We now already have a custom report that should be able to do a lot. Besides, it’s also already dropped from the KoboToolbox system.

However, I will go through it to see if there is an issue with the same. But please also be informed that it could take some time for me to explore it.

it’s also already dropped from the KoboToolbox system

this is news to me!

anyway, the main reason I’m trying to use it is to analyze the relation between two multiple choice questions, and ranking questions.
Custom reports are especially bad at dealing with ranking questions as far as I could see.
So, I’m attaching the file here anyway. It would be great if you know how to fix this.


Excel Analyzer - short - 3-2022.xlsx (1.5 MB)