Excel Download Data Unreadable

This is what our data looks like when we download it to an excel file. It’s unreadable and thus we are unable to do any additional analysis beyond what kobotoolbox can do itself.

Welcome to the community @bryannajew! Seems like you downloaded your data in CSV format. Maybe you will need to download them in the XLS format.

Thanks @Kal_Lam, you are right. It says that the download type is CSV, but this is what I got when I selected “XLS” as the format. I downloaded it both with “labels” and “XLM values and headers” for the Value and header format. My colleagues had the same issue.

You will need to clear all the downloads that are visible under the Exports. In addition, you will also need to clear Last unsaved settings and then make a fresh download with the XLS format. That should solve your issue.