Exciting Opportunity - Become a Volunteer Translator

Dear @imran3may thanks for supporting us to translate the platform to Bengali language.
Here you can find the guide to start the translation Translating Online with the Web Editor | Transifex Documentation Please choose “djangojs” to start with.
Please le us know if you have any questions or concern.


Dear @arshad_hussain1, thanks for willing to participle and support us. we are asking volunteers to work with us at least 5 hours per month because at the beginning we don’t have any translated words to Bengali. However when this percentage is nearly complete, you don’t need to work unless we include new features/messages.
we measure the achievement per user according to the #words/sentences s/he translated. Hope I answered your question.
Let me know if you have any question.

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Dear @Hadeelt and @Kal_Lam,
Many thanks for your reply. I am interested to volunteer.

Best regards,

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@arshad_hussain1, please let us know if you should have any other issues while translating!

Dear all,

Just joined the Arabic group. Ready for support.




Welcome back to the community, @Ysr3322! Please let us know if you should have any issues when translating.

Hello All,
Please add me to the Bengali Language group.

Welcome to the community, @irfan013! Thank you for showing interest to contribute to become a volunteer. For this, all you need to do is:

  • Create an account in Transifex.
  • Select organization as KoBoToolbox.
  • Join the desired language you wish to contribute to. In your case, it should be the Bengali language.

Thanks @Hadeelt, will start working this weekend. I may come up with questions as this is something new to me. Glab to be a part of this intiative.


If you ever need to translate to Filipino/Tagalog I can help.

@mkmortera, the more language the better :heart: Please feel free to join the volunteer team with the Filipino/Tagalog language.

Hello All,

Started working on it. Some translations are ready to review.


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Thank you @imran3may! Is anyone available to review your translations? Could you recommend anyone from the group so that we could request them to review your translation? At the moment I see 6 volunteers in the Bengali language.

Hello everyone, I hope that I’m not ruining your holiday,
I’d regestired to Transifex and entered the community but I can not find any words or statments to translate, am I searchinig in wrong way or you guys finished the task ?

@musto, you could follow this post:

It should guide you with Transifex translation.

Hi Guys,

Want to lead or join Amharic / Ethiopian translation group. Let me know you further instruction! Thankyou!

Welcome back to the community, @DanielEth! Thank you for willing to become a volunteer :heart: You could join the Amharic language as outlined in the post:

And start translating as outlined in the post:

Hello, I am interested in this opportunity. I am a Tanzanian conversant in both Swahili and English. I consider this an opportunity to advance Kobo to the Swahili speaking community, the majority of whom are sidelined by language barriers. Thanks

Welcome back to the community, @Gikuri_2020! Please feel free to join the Swahili language to contribute as a volunteer. Also please let us know if you should need any help with translation.

Dear @Kal_Lam,
This is Arshad Hussain from Bangladesh. Happy to see lots of people from Bangladesh.
I also would like to contribute here. I have created an account in transifex. I am happy to review the translation so far done. Please add me in the group.

Best regards,