Expecting value: line 2 column 1 (char 1)


Good day!

This message shows up when I try to deploy my KoBo form
"Expecting value: line 2 column 1 (char 1)"
Can you please help on this, Im attaching the xls file as well, can you please rectify the error.

Kindest regards

a1.xlsx (15.9 KB)

Welcome back to the community, @nrcaccount! I observed two issues in your xlsform, which I have fixed.

The first one is with the language code:

Wrong code:
Image 0.0

Correct code:
Image 0.1

The second one is the regex code:

Wrong code:
Image 1

Correct code:
Image 2

I fixed them, and it now works perfectly.

Edited reference xlsform:

a1.xlsx (16.7 KB)

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Dear Kal Lam,

I have that kind of error.
Can you help to my problem.
Being a new user for the forum, i can’t upload my xls form.
How can i do that.

Best Regards

Welcome to the community, @kyawthetkobo! Have you validated your xlsform through this online validator? It should help you identify the syntax errors that are present within your xlsform.

Note: You should now be able to upload your xlsform in the community.