Exploit and analyse Kobo right in Android

Hey folks,

My question will be a little bit straightforward. My team and I are working on a little project that works like this:

  1. We are targetting multiple villages (about 10) and in each village, we will collect some quantitative information on the people that we will use to categorise them (say for example the number of cattle that they have).

  2. We understand that there are multiple methods to do it and it shouldn’t be hard at all but the issue is that doing it at the local level is difficult considering the users level of knowledge in IT and data manipulation. So it would need to go to the database for the main team to analyse them and then, for example, send a list for each village. But we are anticipating the scaling-up (thousands of villages) so it would require a lot of work and e-mails to do.

  3. So, the idea that occurred to us was to have a local Android application that would do that task. It appears as a good idea because they would not have to wait for our team to have the list before working. So that comes to the question: is it possible for a third-party app to access the Kobo Collect’s cache data and potentially analyse them? If yes, could there be a general guidance or documentation on how it would work?


What type of analysis do you expect to do on the Android device?
You could also send the data to Kobo server and have a 3rd party application analyze the data automatically and then send results to the village.


Well, that will technically be the go-to solution if there’s no answer to our idea. For example, something we want to do is rank the people based on the number of cattle they possess, then create clusters based on quintiles for each village.

But the challenge is that some of these villages are remote so they do not always have access to an internet network. So, we would like to avoid them not receiving the data in due time for whatever network issues they might encounter. That’s actually one of the reasons why we want to explore the other possibility before doing the classical approach.