Export data error : 502 Bad Gateway nginx

Hello Community,

Recently when I tried to export my data to my desktop I faced this type of error :
502 Bad Gateway nginx.
I can see the data processing then when i hit the button download i get the error ( balank page with 502 bad gateway).

I tried for both : visible data checked and also unchecked.
I still can download data using API , but the normal download does not work.

thank you so much

@mhdtunisia, could you kindly share with the community a screenshot of your issue? Could you also let us know the server you are using? These details should help us troubleshoot your issue.


thank you so much for trying to help me.
I restarted my laptop and the error disappeared. I am sorry didn’t take a screenshot
It was a blank page with the message error 502 Bad Gateway Nginx

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Thank you for updating @mhdtunisia! And glad to know that the issue is not more.