Export data from server to SPSS

Lorsque j’exporte les données à partir de KoBoToolbox vers SPSS, l’exécution de la syntaxe SPSS ne génère pas les données (.SAV). Veuillez m’assister s’il vous plait.

Did you study the Help Center article, please?
Converting Data into SPSS and/or Stata — KoboToolbox documentation.

In addition, the search function of this forum can provide you with more hints: Search results for 'export data to spss order:latest' - KoboToolbox Community Forum.
For ex. Download data xls export type.

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You may downlod data into SPSS label from the export type. Select SPSS labels and download it

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@John-Kamwina, please be informed that the system will only allow you to generate the SPSS labels. You won’t be able to get the data in the SPSS format. You will need to run the syntax generated from the system to have the data at your end.

To add.

  • You need to import the Excel file into SPSS directly.
  • You may need to adapt some invalid names like “/” in multiple choice or leading “_” in system variables.
  • The syntax file (from the KoBo export) is only for variable and choice labels. If you have adapted variable names, you may need to adapt here too.
  • After import, you probably need to adapt other SPSS definitions, like datetime format and measurement levels, even some types.
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Bonjour Cher Kal_Lam,

J’exécute le fichier syntaxe venant de Kobo mais ça ne génère pas toujours mes données collectées. Veuillez m’envoyer votre adresse Email pour partager avec vous mon fichier syntaxe pour que vous m’aidiez à trouver le problème.

Merci pour la collaboration.

Hello, normally SPSS provides you an import log/report with all problems documented.
Sorry, your problem seems now primary on SPSS (e.g. variable naming … rules) than on Kobo level.

The SPSS syntax file is only adressing labels (for variables and values), after data import. The data import is done directly with the Excel export. So, if you cannot import the data you need to adapt the Excel file first. See hints above.

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