Export failure

I can not export data from my form this morning. Data is being collected but when I attempt to download it repeatedly says it failed.

Welcome back to the community, @bobbowen! Could you share with us a screenshot of your issue so that we could also get a pictorial view of your issue?

hi, It appears that this development form had 5 different versions and I was trying to export data from all 5 versions. That failed. I opened the export options and selected to export only from the most recent version and that worked fine.

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Thank you for confirming @bobbowen!

however the export does not include all 4 data sections. previously the data came as .xlsx in 4 tabs following the data architecture. This export only contained the primary (first) data group. What can I show as a screen shot?

these are the export settings:

So you mean the data from the repeat group is not being downloaded?

yes, there are 3 repeat groups and none of those are showing in the latest download

Did you make edits to the survey project? Did you redeploy them?

yes, there were edits made to the form, uploaded and redeployed. no errors showed in the upload or redeployment.

Did you also make edits to the repeat group questions?

I’m checking over the xlsx file now to see if there is a problem there.

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it is probably a problem in the form. I’ll rework and test locally.

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Without changing the form I entered new data and downloaded all of the data. This time for some reason all of the data tabs were exported. Can you explain that?

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OK. Feel free to reach us back if you happen to experience the same again.