Export form with answers per submission to a .pdf function?

Hello all,

Thanks again for this awesome tool, really enjoying working with it for our project to study water, sanitation and higiene conditions in rural schools of the north of Argentina.

I’ve searched all over Kobo documentation and this forum and didn’t get an answer so here we go:

Is there a function or way (such as a complementary tool) to export specific submissions of the form with the questions and the answers of a specific school ? Let’s say, to a .pdf document?
Part of our job is to make not just the aggregated indicators of questions, but to inform every school’s surveyed answers in an easy-to-read manner.

Thanks, all help (tips, links, etc) is very much appreciated.


@marceloriffo1988, KoboToolbox at the moment does not have a feature to export the submissions to a PDF. However, you could save the submissions to the PDF manually.

This post discussed previously should help you print the submissions manually:

Hello Kal_Lam, thank you very much for the answer: Just one quick doubt. To create reports that summarize or change the order of the questions per submission (Im thinking something like Title: “School Name” we are surveying, then “picture of the school”, then “summarized info from key aspects”, there isn’t a tool that does that in Kobo right? In that instance, what tool would you recommend to do this from say, the xml /xls exported file ?

Thanks in advance, it’s been so helpful to be in this community and find this tool for our project.

Hi @marceloriffo1988,

If I understand you correctly, MS Word has merge field function built-in, which allows you to take data from Excel and create individual documents, then you can write as a pdf.

I think Google documents also offers this type of action.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much Hakan ! I’m trying that solution.