Export has started ...but never end!

I have develop a simple encrypted form, very similar to a previous that work fine.
When decrypting, Briefcase (1.18.0) says “Export has started” … but it never ends.
Can somebody say me why??
I tryed to locate the log file, but I don’t know where Briefcase place it… perhaps, locating and viewing it, I can find some idea about the problem.
I have revised many times the private and public key, eliminanting the carriage return, and so on… but I can’t decrypt the data.

Thanks in advance at anybody that can help me!!

@aortegon, have you tried with ODK Briefcase v1.15? It should solve your issue.

Thanks @Kal_Lam !!
I have tryed with 1.15 version… the situation is almost the same: the “Export Status” show the same message (“Export has started”), with no advance, but I have a pop-up error message that says “Unexpected error. See logs”
So, where can I see the logs?? I only find inside the ODK Briefcase Storage folder, the info.hsqldb folder, with a “info.log” that have a content that I don’t reach to understand:


it’s all the info.log file content… ¿?

Thanks in advance another time!!

@Kal_Lam , after deleting all previous results, and delete also the dummy instances I have and generate others dummy instances, I see the process works well.
Thanks a lot!!
Ir remains a doubt, must I use Briefcase 1.15.0, rather than the latest version?? why??


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Yes, if it’s with encryption and decryption it’s safe to use the Briefcase v1.15.0.

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Thanks a lot!
I’ll take in mind for a next occasion!!

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