Export & Import of Users for new Kobo server

We have been using KoboToolBox on our own server for 4 years, and have 3 months ago created a fresh build on Ubuntu 22. I have not seen anything clear cut in this community forum, but is it possible for us to export specifically the ‘Users’ profiles so that it can be imported as a file into the new build? We have 85 users to move over - and we are willing to leave behind their form data.

We are open to Kobo support management options to do this if you can contact me directly.

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Welcome to the community, @Colin-CAID! Pinging @stephenoduor and @ks_1 for your support.

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Thanks @Kal_Lam, I have already contacted @Colin-CAID

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@stephenoduor, :bowing_man: :pray: