Export Now Results In Missing Data

I have a ongoing form with submissions that we have been collecting now for some time.

We normally have no issues exporting in XLS format with the labels, however, now after some entries some of the remaining data starts to go blank of missing.

I checked to ensure there have been no updates to the column headers or or how we collect the entries that may cause the Excel file to break, however, in CSV with labels or if I export in XLS with XML headers and values everything is fine.

I also exported the columns where the break starts and before it starts and the remaining data shows in those sections when I export as a XLS with the labels.

My current hypothesis is that the URLs in my export are causing the issue because when I turn off “Include media URLs” in the advanced options the remaining data shows and the same result when I turn it back on in XLS with labels.

Does anyone have any insight as to some items I should check out to investigate why the file appears to “break”?

Can you take a deeper look at the URLs of the (first) corresponding empty cases? There might be a sign confusing the Excel parser,

You might also try to

  • import the csv label version into Excel
  • export as csv from Excel
    and see would happens.
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When I exported as a CSV with labels EVERYTHING was mixed up and mashed up. I tried on both Excel on my Mac and on Excel online (Excel online could not convert the CSV.)

Is there any way I can review the data prior to export on the media URLs? Even when I look in the photo gallery I sometimes load a tone of broken links.

If there are issues, is there a way I can upload the pictures again that are causing the issues?

Now you wrote:

Is this the original csv export (labels) from Kobo or from Excel afterwards?

The Excel break might come from any (textual) field, not only from headers.

Can you try to locate the break area and the case where the mash starts? And check the URL/media there in detail, e.g. with view modal in Kobo and with a text editor for the csv?

Can you try to delete the header line in the csv and see how it will import then?

Can you export well as csv (labels) if you deselect the media variables, but include all others?.

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