Export of a KML file in repeatable groups

Hi @Samuel1,

Same like the ones i outlined before:

You have a geotrace question in your xlsform:

But, it has no data in the DATA>Table:

Oh. I get it now!

Kindly please be informed that data from the repeat groups are generally a bit complicated. Hence the normal downloads could not have been able to pull your data with the kml format. Hence a quick workaround would be that do not place them inside a repeat group.

Now that the form is deployed, it is difficult to modify it without risk of degrading or disrupting it.

As can be seen below, the textual data set will require significant processing before it can be transformed online. It will be necessary to 1) remove the two zeros corresponding to the two altitude and precision data, 2) draw the line then with an order indicator, a kind of “advanced” processing in GIS.
I could do it personally but it is not within everyone’s reach in my opinion. I would have proposed another solution if I had known this before.
Is this the only feedback of this type that you have on this subject?

Entering spatial data in a form is very useful, so I hope that you will be able to provide robust spatial functionality. Let me know if I can be of assistance.