Export the data based on question

Hello All,
Question is regarding exporting data.
I want to segregate the data downloaded in excel format based on particular question asked.
Currently I have 10 sheets in downloaded excel with common parent index associated with master sheet.
how to export all sheet based on same common parent index.
here for example i have data consisting 25 villages . how to export each village data into separate excel which consist its all respective 10 sheets.


Welcome back to the community, @sevavardhini! So you mean, you have 25 villages (say village 1, 2, …, 25). Now you wish to download your data where you could download the entire dataset for village 1 or village 2 and so on. Did I get you correctly?

yeah thts correct sir…
village 1 as separate excel containing all its child sheets
village 2 as separate excel containing all its child sheets

@sevavardhini, sorry, this feature is not available with KoBoToolbox at the moment. Maybe you could create a new features request here.