Export the kml data with the database entered

Please how can we export the kml with the database entered?

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Download》select kml from dropdown


Hi thanks for replying, please I don’t have dropdown, please can you send me a screen capture please

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Please see the picture.

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Hi; Thanks, yes , when i download all the points, in
KML, i convert it in Shapefile in Arcgis10, there, i see te points but without database.

  • Please when GPS coordinate is not working in a smartphone, how to solve it please?

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Please I have et problem, my account dosn’t deploy data, please help me
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Hi @elombagabriel

KoBo recently published a help article to explain how to export and upload your data into GIS software as a shapefile with all the associated data included (not just GPS coordinates).

Hi sir;

Thank’s, let me try!!

Le jeu. 25 juil. 2019 à 21:32, Michael de St Aubin via KoBoToolbox Community Forum noreply@community.kobotoolbox.org a écrit :

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Fantastic, thank You Sir

Le dim. 28 juil. 2019 à 20:55, Gabriel Elomba elombagabriel2017@gmail.com a écrit :

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Hello @mike.destaubin he (interesting) link is broken now. But “GPS” (capital) can be found in the new support pages