Export to XLS missing data

Hello. When we are exporting our survey (which has about 8,000 responses and 165GB of photos), towards the end the data simply stops populating the XLS file upon exporting. It is missing the second half of the survey for the last 300 responses, including Kobo ‘biodata’ like _id, _uuid, index, identifier, etc. See below for the photo

You can see that the start of the survey for the last responses are there

But that the second half of the survey is empty, including the Kobo survey data like id, index, uuid, etc

In the Data Table View in Kobo, the data is all there. It is just not exporting into an XLSX

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Welcome to the community, @kdowhaniuk! Can you get the missing data when downloading the data in XLS (legacy) format?

Hello! The data is all exporting now, but we have a lot of photo fields, and usually use the hyperlink to store the photos in our database. In the legacy export, it is not pulling the photo hyperlink, just the numerical name .jpg reference. Is there a way to use this to access the photos?

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HI @Kal_Lam does the XLS legacy exportation pull the kobo photo hyperlinks? these are critical for our data collection

@kdowhaniuk, did you resolve this issue?