Exporting and downloading the data from kobotool box

Hello community,
I have been using the kobotoolbox for quite sometimes and it rarely misbehaved.
Recently, however, whenever I open it, a message pops up that I am denied access to the page.
Today I am struggling with even exporting the collected data (see the attached image)
Kindly assist

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Welcome back to the community, @davis1993! We will get back to you once we resolve the issue.

I will be very grateful indeed as I am under pressure to download the data and share

@davis1993, the issue must have been resolved by now. Could you kindly confirm?

Hello Sir, thank you so much one of the issue has been resolved, data export
I still see the message on the interface that i am denied access to that page

@davis1993, could you share with me the following through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server


All projects show that so i may not be in position to mention one after another


@davis1993, I didn’t have an issue. FYR:

When viewing the project:

Maybe you are trying to open multiple projects in your browser and then try to close some of them by signing out. If you sign out from any browser you should see the Access denied page for the remaining projects that are still on in your browser. So would request you to be careful with using the signing out if you only wish to close a project.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.
It was indeed very useful

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Thank you so much for sharing the Information.

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Thank you for sharing the Information.

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