Exporting data from kobo collect

Hello Kobo community. I have an issue with downloading my data. Exports stuck in pending for too long. I should I do please?

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Welcome to the community, @Valery1! Would you mind downloading your data in XLS (Legacy) format to see how it behaves?

Hello @Kal_Lam
Thanks for your suggestion.
I did it but and I was able to download data but I have missing data (GPS data) in the Excel file…
Please is there anyway to download all the data? Thanks for your support.

Hay Valery1 same issue here, can’t stop processing on xls format, will it be exportable eventually ?

But I can download it in xls (old version), and I need the labels to work on it.

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@Valery1, @humaharmel, do you still have an issue downloading your GPS data? When testing them at my end, I could download them without any issue. Please let me know if this is still an issue at your end.

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