Exporting data in a format readable by excel

Hello everyone,
I exported data from kobo collect to excel in XLS format but excel does not read it. The data in too big and I cannot edit manually.
Kindly help in on the best format i can export this data and read by excel.


Welcome back to the community, @jaberi! Could you list out the exact steps so that we could also try out the same at our end?

Thanks for the timely reply though I had taken long to see the message.
These are the steps I took to export data to excel.

  1. Go to data
  2. Click on download
  3. Select XLS format and lable.
  4. Click export.


Could you also share with us a screenshot of the XLS format which you say is not readable? We would also like to see it at our end. Maybe this should also give us a pictorial idea of issue.

Attached herein is the screenshot of downloaded data that excel is not reading. If you critically look at the figure in the screenshot, they appear as if there are formulas in the cell.

@jaberi, could you also let us know the column that you are trying to refer to?

All cells with figures are not readable by excel until you re-enter them.


Sorry, I could still not figure it out. Could you mark it in the screenshot so that I am also able to follow you?

Kindly look at the cells where the figures are highlighted in light blue. All cells with figures appear with a green mark at the extreme left corner and excel does not read them. See the screenshot

Have you tried converting them to numbers?

Yes I tried to format them to numbers but they don’t change.

Did you check the ! as shown in the image below to convert it to numbers (you will need to do this manually)?


The second approach is to uncheck Store date and number responses as text that is located under DATA>Download>Advanced options: