Exporting data

Hi all, i have a serious problem with my data.
A while ago we collected data in our compagny and we stated analysing the data into excel but after some time we lost the data on server. Now what we have is an excel sheet containing data but the CEO want To see it on server is there any way i can export the Excel sheet into the cobocollect server? Please i need help

Hi @Gloire,

Welcome to the community! Please note that the data from the server should not get deleted by itself unless and until the user does not command KoBoToolbox to delete (as deleting a project data should pass a confirmation dialogue box).

Retrieving deleted data back to your KoBoToolbox account takes a lot of time and effort which I am afraid the developers wouldn’t prefer :sob:

Thank very much,
I have the project in a form of excel i cant import it in cobocollect?

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