Exporting form

I wanted to download previously exported data from KOBO but I realize that i have only last 10 version of exported data. i try to find out view all exported version but this option is not available . anybody can help me to resolve this issue.

thanks in advance.

Welcome to the community, @afshar! Did you mean you wanted to download your data?

Could you kindly elaborate this so that the community could help you out?

yes, I had downloaded data in different time during last 4 months but i can only see last 10 downloaded data in my export list. the previous versions are not listed. and if i want to export new data then the oldest version is not shown.

@afshar, kindly please be informed that you always have the option to control the version when downloading your data by checking or unchecking Include fields from all ... versions from the Advanced options as shown in the image below:


You should also be able to learn more about the same through this support article Recovering Data From Previous Form Versions.

Sorry but this is not what I am looking for. Imagine that you have a form, previously, for instance during last 6 months, you download data from system more than 20 times. what I see in my history of export is only latest 10 attempts, while I may need to check data of 15th download attempts. how should i change the setting in my kobo account to increase history of export. and is there any possible way to bring back previous exporting attempts?