Exporting repeat groups into SPSS

I have a survey with repeat groups. I did not know data was stored in different sheets. I tried exporting the file as one sheet into SPSS, but I had lots of problems. Could someone help how to merge repeat group data before exporting to SPSS?

I would recommend to

  1. Import the master and the repeat files separatly
  2. Import the SPSS label files etc.
  3. Do (normal) adaptions in SPSS, e.g. type, measurement level
  4. After both data files are ready, join them in SPSS. This is a standard SPSS feature, well described in the documentation.

Finally, you will have and keep 3 .sav SPSS data sets: Master, Repeats and the Join.
In Analysis, working with the (unjoined) Master is sometimes preferable, depending on the question.

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