Exporting to Google Sheets (using API or synchronus data suggestions)


I’m looking to export directly to google sheets. I have tried all the steps on the API tutuorials and the synchronus data route (Import data function) and on both have received error messages relating to the information exceeding the maximum size for the sheet. The current data set is 180-200 columns and currently under 1000 rows (more responses to come). With the synchronus attempt it worked when I tried the xlsx format but the data came out in symbols/wingdings style rather than as a table (the download from Kobo directly came out as normal with the same export settings)

I don’t know how to code and am solely relying on tutorials and the wisdom of others (thank you so much to all those who have shared!), so I am at a loss to troubleshoot this, other than to try each method to see what happens.

Any ideas will be great, really appreciate the community support

Welcome back to the community, @Colleen! Could you also share a screenshot of the error message so that the community should be able understand your issue pictorially?

error synchronus
Thanks, this is what it says if I use the Import data function

error API connector
This is the error message with API