Extended form building slowed and frozen


I’m having trouble building an extended form in Kobo. Let me explain : I have more than 50 questions in my form, and I’m experiencing very slow task execution and perpetual frozen mouse with error message saying “the server does not respond”.

Has anyone ever encountered such a problem? Is it a server problem, or is it because my form is too extended, with too many question ?

Thank you in advance for your support

Hi @jrangama,

Welcome to the community! 50 questions should not be a problem with KoBoToolbox’s form builder UI. Have you checked your internet connection? Have you tried building the survey form in a different browser? Have you checked whether your browser is up-to-date?

Please do reach out if the problem still persists! Also do not forget to attach a screenshot of the issue so that it would be easy for the community to explore a solution.

Hi ! Thank you so much for your answer.

Actually my form building has more than 100 questions…

I tried with another browser, and also in different places (workplace, home). But it doesn’t change anything. Here is a screenshot of the error message I get, which is in French, but basically means “the page is not answering. you can wait for the page to be accessible again or close it.”

Thank you in advance for your help.


Happens to me all the time, what did you do?

Hi @analucia_espinoza
I beleive this is teh same issue you have raised on a different thread that we are answering with @Kal_Lam and @wroos. If not kindly advice more about it.