External instance “localites” is empty

Hi there,
I’ve added a tab external_choices which contains the same information as my csv file “localites”, but Kobo still tells me that “External instance “localites” is empty” and I can’t figure out why. Could I send you the form privately? Does external_file really only need the first column file_name?

Welcome back to the community, @pauline.lietar! Maybe you could design your xlsform as outlined in the post discussed previously to solve your issue:

Thank you!
I did do that technique as described in your post, however the error seems to persist.
1/ Is the “external_choices” tab meant to be the same as the external file?
2/ what does it mean when it says the file “localites” is empty? It can recognize the file but not read whats in it?

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Yes, please follow as outlined in the post discussed previously.

If you follow the exact steps as outlined in the post discussed previously it should work for you too.

Hi Kal,
Thanks a lot. I tried to follow the exact steps but I keep getting the same answer. I was able to deploy by only keeping the first column in “external_choices” (unique values) but it still says it is empty

You will also have to upload a CSV file for it. Did you upload the same?

Yes, I have two csv files: itemset and localités (they’re essentially the same document with different names, I have no idea what the difference is between both). i can preview the questionnaire on kobo.humanitarianresponse.info and it works fine with all issues resolved, but I cant get in on the phone app when i try to download a blank form on “get blank form”. It keeps saying “failure”. all my settings are unchanged and should be correct. we have tried it on 3 different phones, with mutiple different accounts, and same answer. ive tried a preview on getodk to spot errors, and there are none. What could prompt this error?

@pauline.lietar, maybe the best way to master this feature would be by first playing with the workaround that i shared you previously. Then adapting the same within your requirement.

Could you please indicate to me what could make the preview work perfectly fine but hampers the downloading of the blank form?
I believe I have followed all the steps previously mentioned.

@pauline.lietar, could you share a screenshot of your issue?

It’s the same message we get on all the phones when we try to download it, however the preview works fine

Were you able to get the blank survey form with my workaround?

I uploaded both csv files but have not been able to download a blank survey, is that the workaround you’re refering to?

Yes with the workaround I shared previously. Try using the exact files for testing.

What do you mean, the “exact” files?
I am only ever using two csv files (on the screenshot) on top of my questionnaire, both are uploaded on the kobo platform under “media”. this allowed for a succesful preview but not downloading the questionnaire on the phone app

@pauline.lietar, could you use the exact files as shared in this post:

This should help you guide on how to design your select_one_external questions using xlsform in KoBoToolbox.

Thank you. My files are set up like that. I believe this is why the preview is working. Do you think an error in my files could make for a functionnal preview but not for a download?
Perhaps i could send you my files in a private message?

Are you able to view them normally when collecting data through Enketo i.e. outside the Form Preview?

When i preview on ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x, it says both my csv files are empty.

  • Error trying to parse XML model. Cannot read property ‘id’ of undefined
  • External instance “itemsets” is empty.
  • External instance “localites” is empty.

When I preview on the kobo platform, it works.

itemsets.csv (491 Bytes) localites.csv (491 Bytes) HSM_mai2021_questionnaire_résoudre pbm_preview fonctionnel_tous les labels.xlsx (67.7 KB)
Our issue is always at “0.2.e) Parmi les localités de cette zone de santé, pour laquelle connaissez vous le mieux la situation et les conditions de vie ?” line 61