Extracting KoBo data per submission record

Hi All,

I am new to using kobotoolbox, and was wondering how I can extract the data I collect per sumbission (so per form filled in)?

Thank you in advance

Gaby, you can download the data directly from aggregate server or by using briefcase.

Thank you bernieseville. Is it possible using briefcase to get the data per submission form in a seperate excel sheet as well?

See this link:

Hi @gaby

Curious to know why you would want to download individual submissions separately? (If I understand your question correctly)

You can always download the XLS file of all submissions and delete the ones you don’t need in Excel.

Dear @gaby,

Using briefcase, you can download data by date of submission.

I have the same issue, and want to do it automatically

Welcome to the community, @mirma! At the moment, the system itself does not have a feature to do it automatically, but you could do it manually. You could however use the REST services to do it automatically if you wish to.

Thanks you for your answer, please could you give me steps to complete that issue. As a newbie in KTB, please what is url to use for REST service. I have already install ktb in ubuntu

@mirma, maybe you could exploit the REST services feature as outlined in our support article REST Services that is available with KoBoToolbox.