Fail/takes longer time to share form with other users

Why does it take longer time or fail to add users to our form even when the user has a registered and confirmed account?

Hi @Aus7yne, unfortunately this is often server load dependent. The situation is compounded the more users the form is shared with.

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Hi @Josh, is there a solution to this or what can we do?

@Aus7yne, is this an intermittent issue, i.e. does it work some times and other times not? Was it working (better) before the recent update or is this something you’ve noticed since?

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@Josh it was working perfectly before until recently we started getting this error and users already added can’t submit their filled surveys as they get this error:

Hi @Aus7yne, this is a troubling issue but let’s continue with that discussion here:

A solution to work around the current slowness with large permission assignments is to clone your project (multiple times, if needed) and assign smaller batches of users to each clone. You can then combine the exported data in post-processing.

For projects with many shared users, there have been cases of users losing some of their permissions when you make changes to the project’s permissions, even if for a different user or adding a new user. If this is the case, can I ask that you please do the following:

  1. if someone can’t submit, stop! :stop_sign: don’t change any permission settings, and make sure no one else on your team does either.
  2. download both the KPI and KoBoCAT API output for the project, including the permission assignments*
  3. send it to us
  4. go ahead with attempting to fix the issue by reassigning permissions

* For this project, you can find the JSON of the KPI permissions here and for KoBoCAT here.

We will be looking into better ways of managing permissions on our end to mitigate this, but I can’t promise a timeline for the fix.

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Thanks @Josh
I’ll go ahead and create copy of the project for different set of users.
Can you share with me a link to documentation on kpi and kobocat api…

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You can find documentation here:

You might also find this thread useful:

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