Failed Submission


I was trying to edit a submitted form by correcting some data. It failed to submit with the error message (500) as shown in the following screenshot:


  • Server: Humanitarian
  • Username: xxxxxxx
  • Project Name: T1DM Caregivers Campaign Intake Form
  • Submission ID: 411960587

I was trying to change the birthdate to the year (1972) instead of the currently incorrect one (1987).

Your assistance on the matter is highly appreciated.

Did you “try again later” meanwhile?

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Hello @wroos. I actually have been trying since Monday I’ve tried almost twice per day and so have the field team across the country, before submitting this issue on the community thread.

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@omarmakki, as a quick check, would you mind validating your XLSForm in this online validator to see any issues? This step could give us a clue if it’s a syntax issue affecting the edits.

Already done. I religiously use this online validator prior to deploying any form.

No errors as you can see.

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Hello. Any other thoughts?