Failed to connect to default database

i’m stuck with this issue. can neither update nor revert to my previous working instance of kobotoolbox setup on my own server.

how do i fix this so that my data is not lost ?

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same issue here, did you resolve it by now? I’ve tried the other solution to remove .vols and restart setup but that didnt work. same error message

I could resolve the issue by reinstalling from scratch on Ubuntu server 18.04, using python 3.8, and docker-compose 2.16

After I had same issue, I tried deleting .vols folder, but now I have this error:

Error response from daemon: error while creating mount source path '/run/desktop/mnt/host/wsl/docker-desktop-bind-mounts/Ubuntu-18.04/d…

This last attempt I made with Ubuntu 18.04, Python 3.8.18 and Docker Compose version v2.23.3-desktop.2 (to change Docker compose Version, is necessary to uninstall Docker Desktop in Windows, and I cannot do that)