Failed to fetch Message

Hello there! I have a situation. A colleague told me that she’s unable to submit, on the first try, forms of a project that she needs to edit. It only works when she tries to submit for the fourth time. She sent me some pictures of the messages displayed. We are using the Non-Humanitarian Server hosted by KoBoToolbox.

We are using the Spanish version. We would really appreaciate the support.

Best regards,

Could you please translate the message you are getting

Of course

Image 1: Sending Data
It will be automatically redirected after submission

Image 2: Wrong submission (something is incorrect/wrong when submitting the form)
Failed to fetch

Image 3: Wrong submission (something is incorrect/wrong when submitting the form)
The data server for your form or the Enketo server is down or not accessible. Please try again or contact with (502)

We’ve been with this problem around three days so far.

Thanks for the support.

@milenareynalte, so basically, what you mean to say is that your colleague is not able to submit your filled-up form? Have you tried submitting the same at your end? Let us know that happens.