"Failed to list assets" error on custom server

I have Kobo installed back in 2018. on a private custom server. Recently, after logging in, the error “failed to list assets” appears, and loading the projects never ends.

I noticed that the same problem was also present on the public humanitarianresponse server and that it was solved later, probably by an upgrade. My idea is to definitely upgrade my server, but even that won’t go smoothly considering it’s an older installation. I wanted to ask if there was any quick fix that would allow me at least temporary work to be able to back up the data?

Did you make any changes to your server recently?
I faced a similar issue and it was caused due to incorrect environment variables.

Hmm, not that I know, maybe one of my colleagues changed something. What exactly could I check?

See if any files inside kobo-docker or kobo-env were changed recently. If they were, you might need to revert them from a backup.

However as a permanent solution I would advise you to upgrade to the latest version. It will be more complex for you than the usual upgrade process, because you have the version with a single database for kobocat and kpi. But here are the instructions:

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Thanks, I’ll take a look. :slight_smile:

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