Failed to load csv

Hello, I am getting a failed to load media.csv error message in enketo. This is after updating the csv file and redeploying an ongoing form. I will appreciate your support image image Thanks

@Selorm0412, this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

It has worked online but seems not working on Android app. If something can be done about it that would be great.
Thank you

@Selorm0412, could you kindly share your CSV file with the community? I assume it’s a file format issue that is affecting it.

Please kindly find attached CSV file for your kind perusal and support.
Thank you

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@Selorm0412, what is your matching variable here? I didn’t find a matching variable that is unique.

The matching variable I used in pull data calculation was learner_name. So matching variable in the dataset is learner_name
Kindly waiting for your advice.

Thank you