Failed to load (error message poping up)

Hola, me aparece error al cargar, borro historial, borre las aplicaciones , en fin y sigue saliendo ese error, si le doy ok al error la pagina me sale sin cargar imagines y en una pregunta de firmar me aparece para cargar un archivo.

Agradezco me puedan ayudar


Hello @planpatrocinio,
similar error messages have been discussed here recently and can be found with the search function of the forum:

It might for ex. be a problem of the Browser or Android version.
Did you check your form with the Online validator?

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@planpatrocinio, did you check out the browser as advised by @wroos? Try loading your form with a modern and updated (to its latest versions) browser like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc., to see how it behaves.