Failed to load form in matrix question type

Dear Kobo team,

I am facing difficulties in building matrix-based form as follows:

  1. in my personal account, I can’t see the preview form as the error code appears and kobo advise to not load the form until it get resolved. Because of that, i cannot make sure whether the xls I build is working or not. then i am trying to deploy the form and see the results, then it also appears error

  1. I was trying to upload in my organization account, and it cannot recognize the kobomatrix type. is there any difference in form of kobo?

Would you kindly help me to resolve this issues?

Thank you

Welcome to the community, @desyleoariesta! The best way to check out if your XLSForm works as expected is to validate it against this online validaor.

I’ve checked it yesterday and it said Error: Unknown question type ‘begin_kobomatrix’. I have followed the instruction how to use the kobomatrix as per below. please kindly see here

note: the label is actually filled

If you use begin_kobomatrix the ODK Validator will not be able to validate as it’s a feature solely designed for KoboToolbox. Maybe you will need to learn more about the same through this support article Question Matrix Response Type.

i see …
then, which part of my xls form incorrect? I have followed the steps to Create a Question Matrix in XLSForm as your previous article. I am still not get it.

@desyleoariesta, maybe the easiest way to create a matrix question is create it through the formbuilder (instead of using the XLSForm). You could then download the form as an XLSForm and use it to your XLSForm you have been using it now.