Failing at sending form


I am having some issues to send completed forms that I filled offline.
Here the following error message: “Error: generic Exception. Error (413) at https://…”

  1. I don’t have mandatory questions, so this is not the problem
  2. My internet connection is good enough to send some forms, so I guess this is not problem
  3. I am using the non-humanitary server
  4. the survey form still exist in the server and is the good version of it

I need help…


Hi @ophelie_menant and welcome to the community!

413 error happens when the “entity is too large”

Do you have any file / photo type questions that you’re trying to upload?

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Yes, I do
Photos and videos

what can I do to have access to the form data?

Hi @ophelie_menant you might need to lower the size of the files you’re trying to upload.