Failing during upgrade kobotoolbox

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to upgrade my kobotoolbox instance following this technical guide :

(docker installation)

Everything is working well until the upgrade of the mongo container (after step 17) :

python3 -cb stop mongo → ok working well

edit docker-compose.primary.backend.template.yml and change image to mongo:3.6 → ok

python3 -cb up --force-recreate mongo → the system is pulling new image of the mongo container

But this process is failing i’m getting the following error trying to get into the mongo container :

python3 -cb exec mongo bash no such file or directory

before the upgrade of the mongo container i’m able to enter the container. After the upgrade (3.6) → i’m unable to get in

Can you help me ?

Thank you !


answering to myself :

in /var/local/kobo-docker/mongo/ last line should be :

exec mongod

→ without ‘bash’ word

Anyway got other problem i’m giving up upgrading kobo ; will reinstall new version from scratch


@totoman858 I finished upgrade process successfully might be that you are missing out on something

If you are not loosing data then its ok reinstalling new version

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