Failure in nested iterations, it does not return the information correctly after N iterations

I carried out the development of an instrument for taking requirements, for which, in order to propose an organized and precise logic, the handling of nested repetitions is required, as shown in a general way below:

Iteration 1 (component)
Enter the name of the component
Iteration 2 (component category)
Enter the category name
Repetition 3 (questions by category)
Indicate the name of the question.
end repeat 3
end repeat 2
end repeat 1

Returning to the above, when testing the instrument I find that when entering more than two components, in the first iteration, the category and question information shows me without problem, to be more precise, the drop-down lists,but in the next interaction options are empty.

I would like to solve this as soon as possible, for which I require your collaboration, thank you very much.

@lcontreras, the community should be able to help you if you could share the XLSForm publicly.

Good afternoon:

The instrument is publicly available at the following link: foro Kobo Collect - Google Drive

In addition to this, I found information on the following page: Repeticiones—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentación but the following statement is not clear to me: Nested repetitions with an expression in the relevant column and an expression in the repeat_count column delete all existing save data in the first repeated record. To avoid this, wrap the relevant expression in the repeat_count expression so that no repeat record is created if the repeat is not relevant.

But the above is not clear to me, would you be so kind as to give an example?

Thank you.