I can not download as you can see the picture below.
Other forms still ok. This happened on all account and devices, include owner account.

@martianfrog, could you translate the error message that is there in your screen? This should give us a clue.

It happened when I downloaded the form from “Get blank form” in Kobocollect.
It said that the first form you can see in the screen can’t be downloaded - failure

The form data collect type is “online - offline” and it just includes text-type questions. It was totally fine with Kobotoolbox website.

The other forms were downloaded successfully. It happened with all the accounts: my account - the owner of the form and all accounts I shared with.

Would you mind checking the data and time of your device? Sometimes you face this issue, when the date and time are distorted.

I have checked and nothing wrong with the time sir.
I downloaded a the forms at a same time but it’s only happened with one form.

OK, if this is the case it could be an issue with your xlsform. Try validating your xlsform with this online validator. The online validator should be able to help you identify syntax issues present within your xlsform that is hindering you from getting the blank forms to your Collect android app.