Failure to export data in stata

I am having issues that syntax not working to export in stata.
I’ve tried kobo2stata syntax using

“$dir/datafile.xlsx”, xlsform("$dir/templete.xlsx") choicelabel(“label::English”) surveylabel(“label::English”) dropnotes usenotsave

Previously the syntax could work fine but now it can’t and there is a warning in stata that the data file (xls) is not found.

For this I make sure the files and directories in the command syntax match.

maybe someone has experienced the same thing and can share with me

Could you share the erros message you get on stata?
I have this ad it worked correctly for me

i have done a tutorial KOBO 2 stata - YouTube

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the erroes message

I suspect that I have a non-exclusive numeric value…:frowning:

please check the “/” sens and ensure yourself it is correctly oriented


i dont this like this.
May be the file name or the file path have a problem

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Oh i see, there is a directory syntax missing

thank you @unfpasrpf

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you’re welcome

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Thank you @unfpasrpf :heart: for providing this wonderful solution to the community issue :clap:. Expecting similar support to make the community a learning and sharing platform :pray: