Failure to submit forms

Hie Everyone! I am managing 19 accounts, deploying forms from 1 account and sharing with the other 18. We work with over 200 enumerators at any given point. At this case in time, some enumerators are reporting that they are failing to submit completed forms via their server. This is the feedback that they are getting (kindly see uploaded image below). How can i resolve this

@Rungano, could you kindly check their server configuration in the app (for those users who complain that they have submission issues) to see if it’s been configured correctly? Maybe share a screenshot with the community so that the community can also help you see if it’s correctly configured.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for your response. I have checked their server configuration in the app and this is configured correctly. Below is the screenshot.

@Rungano, maybe you will need to check the sharing permissions (to see if you have the Add submissions) that have been shared with your project.