Favicon, Login Page Background and Enketo Link Message Customisation

Wanted to ask a quick question if its possible to have a custom favicon, background on login page on Enketo? I’m not too familiar with docker so editing the contents might break my installation (this is a “Kobo on your own server” deployment on Azure VM).

Also, when sharing a link, the default Enketo message “Enketo Express for KoboToolBox” pops up. Any chance to edit that as per specific projects as well? Attaching an image below for your reference.


Thanks again! Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.

Welcome to the community, @akiraniihs! Linking you with @stephenoduor and @ks_1, who should be able to help you solve your issue.

Hello, @akiraniihs I wrote this out on kobotoolbox rebranding

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