Fetching Multipe values using "Pulldata from csv" method

I am trying to get multiple values from a csv file using the pull data formula but it is only giving me one (first-one) result from matching criteria where I have 3 values available.


district_name Language_of_the_Video Title_of_the_Video
bokaro bengali sdvd
hazaribagh bengali asdasd
hazaribagh hindi kikkk
hazaribagh bengali abcd

The sample data at the bottom of my question with headers district_name Language_of_the_Video Title_of_the_Video is from csv file from which I am trying to pull data and as you can see hazaribagh have three titles option “asdasd”, “kikkk” and “abcd”. and using the above formula 'pulldata(‘Back_Data’,‘Title_of_the_Video’,‘district_name’,${district})" I am only able to pull the first value which is “asdasd”.
And I wanted to pull all three as possible option and using a select one option to proceed ahead in this questionnaire.

Hope this will give clarity as I am new to this forum and it is not allowing me to attach the required files as you suggested.

Welcome to the community, @yogesh_dg! Could you share more details of what you are trying to refer to when you say you are trying to have multiple values? Maybe it would be easy for the community to understand if you shared your XLSForm and the CSV file.

Thanks for the response Lam, I have updated my question and hopping now it willing making more sense to everyone.

@yogesh_dg, yes, the pull data function will only pull one value (the first) that matches the data from the CSV file.

But please also be informed that you could use the if-statement to pull other information to your other lines. But this too should be unique, else it will pull the same value that is already been pulled before.